Sunday, February 23, 2014

An Award Winning Book

Has anyone read "The Entrepreneurs and the Workers of the Soot: A History of the Foundry in Springfield, Vermont" by Alan and Donna Jean Fusonie? We would love to hear your feedback. 


 By Alan E. Fusonie and Donna Jean Fusonie

          This well researched and documented book provides a picture of the development of the foundry businesses in Springfield, Vermont, and its eventual long-term relationship to the local machine tool industries.

The authors also focus on the untold story of the forgotten Foundry workers in Springfield, Vermont.  There were generations of them, spanning one hundred and fifty years, and they performed some of the dirtiest yet important metal work in the industrial development of the town.  From the early use of water power on the Black River to the significant employment of immigrants during the first half of the twentieth century, the story of the Foundry business is set within the events of the time.  Springfield eventually became the leading industrial town in the state of Vermont with national and international connections.

Copyright © 2013 by Alan E. Fusonie
First Edition, First Printing, July 2013

In November 2013, this book received the "Award of Excellence for Publications" from the League of Local Historical Societies & Museums. The book is now in the process of being nominated for a national book award, "Publications Category - Leadership in History Awards for the American Association for State and Local History."

Copies of the award winning book may be purchased for $29.95 each at Black River Books and the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center in Springfield, Vt and at Misty Valley Books in Chester, Vt., Springfield Library, Vermont Historical Society or direct from Springfield Art and Historical Society c/o Ken Stringham 802-885-5265.

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