Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our first blog - welcome!

Welcome to the Springfield Art and Historical Society blog! By creating this blog, we hope to be able to accomplish a number of things. First, we hope to use this blog as a means of communicating with our members and the greater Springfield community; updates on new exhibits, receptions, donations, and our student inter program will be made from time to time to inform everyone of the happenings at the historical society. Secondly, we hope this blog will allow us to reach out and share our wonderful historical collections with a greater audience. A series of articles highlighting individual items from our collections will be posted here.   
There are truly some amazing treasures to be found in our archives! With a little bit of help from modern technology, the past will come alive!

View of the front of the Miller Art Center building
The Springfield Art and Historical Society (SAHS) is located at the Miller Art Center in Springfield, Vermont. The building which is home to the SAHS was last owned by Edward W. and Grace Spencer Miller who donated the structure to the town of Springfield in 1956, to be used as the home for a permanent art and cultural center.
Collection of Bennington Pottery on Display
The practice and display of all the arts and encouragements of the other related activities contribute to the cultural prestige of a community and also are important to its business life. – Edward W. Miller

Army/Navy "E" Award - Only 4% of all the machine tool/defense industries during WWII received this award. All the machine tool shops in Springfield, Vermont earned the "E" Award.

Today, the SAHS houses an impressive permanent collection, which is the envy of institutions many times its size. The collections include; Lee pewter, Bennington pottery, and a group of exceptional primitive portraits by 19th century artists Horace Bundy, Asahel Lynde Powers, and Aaron Dean Fletcher. There are numerous contemporary works by well known local artists Stuart Eldredge, Joe Henry, Horace Brown, Hazel Kitts Wires, and Russell Porter. The Russell Porter collection includes artifacts from Porter’s trip to the Arctic as well as sketches and other artifacts related to his astronomy and engineering achievements.

Joel Ellis doll on the left in gown and a Mason and Taylor doll on the right. Both are jointed dolls manufactured in Springfield, Vermont. The joints on these dolls are slightly different. Manson and Taylor also painted the feet on their dolls bright blue.

Springfield’s toy making days are represented with an assortment of beautiful Joel Ellis dolls and carriages manufactured in the early 1800s. In addition, the historical society houses an impressive textile collection including men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from the early 19th century to present-day, military uniforms, antique quilts and more! We offer a series of art and historical exhibits that change throughout the spring and summer months.

Thank you for visiting our blog!
The Springfield Art and Historical Society

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