Friday, May 18, 2012

Springfield High School Vintage Prom

It's spring time! And that means prom season. On Saturday, May 19th Springfield High School will hold its 2012 prom at the Harness House. The Grand March will take place at 7:00pm.

Here is a look at some vintage prom dresses that are part of the SAHS textile collection. All three of these lovely dresses were made by Marion Eldredge for her daughters.

The first is a lovely pink cotton gown made by Mrs. Eldredge for her daughter Anne to wear for her junior prom in 1954. The gown is shown below modeled by student intern Julia during our vintage fashion show last fall. The next two gowns, also by Mrs. Eldredge, were made using Vogue sewing patterns. Interns Abby and Jenn are shown modeling the gold and green gowns.

Above photos by Hannah Lille, 2011
The gold dress was constructed using Vogue Paris Original pattern #1082, view B. Mrs. Eldredge made this for her daughter Betsey for her Springfield High School graduation ball in 1962.

Vogue Paris Original pattern #1082
Vogue Paris Original pattern #1082
Vogue Paris Original 1082
The green satin gown was constructed using Vogue Couturier Design #919 by Mrs. Eldredge for her daughter Dorothy's 1956 Springfield High School prom.

Vogue Couturier Design 919
Photo by Hannah Lille, 2011

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