Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spencer Hollow School Added to National Record of Historic Places

Congratulations to the Friends of the Spencer Hollow School for their efforts in having the Spencer Hollow school added to the National Record of Historic Places. Built in 1781, and located near the intersection of Spencer Hollow Road and Skitchewaug Trail in Springfield, Vt, the Spencer Hollow School is the oldest one-room brick school house in the state of Vermont.

Spencer Hollow School, Springfield, Vt

A recent article from the Vermont Journal

"230-Year-Old Schoolhouse Added to the National Register of Historic Places

SPRINGFIELD, VT -The local organization “Friends of the Spencer hollow School” is pleased to announce the addition of the “LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE” to the National Record of Historic Places. This elevation to National Register status greatly enhances our opportunity for future Grant awards.
  Historically, public school was kept at the schoolhouse from 1781 to 1926. From the early 1930’s the building was used by the “Spencer Hollow Club” as a general meeting place for local folks to enjoy social events, various local club meetings, and even church. Such activities continued into the late 1970’s after which the building was abandoned and left open. Significant damage and theft occurred in the ensuing period.
  In 2007 a local group formed “The Friends of the Spencer Hollow School” and immediately started restoration projects. Four years, several hundred hours of volunteer labor and some major assistance from many local contractors later, great progress has been made. Several major projects remain however; among which include roof stabilization, foundation stabilization, inside wall restoration and kitchen restoration, to name a few. Meanwhile, we continue our efforts at Grant support, contractor support and general support from the community at large including designated gifts.
  Also, we have heard many interesting comments regarding the fun times people have had at one or more of the functions held at the building. If you have a story regarding any person you know that attended the school or had a fun time there yourself we would like to hear from you. Please contact Don Whitney at 802-886- 2863 or Bill Mitchell at 802-885-5068
  The Friends are extending an invitation to the public to attend an Open House, Saturday, October 20, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., to see the progress being made and to sense what a one room schoolhouse of the 18th century was like."

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